How to Select the Right Conditioners for Your Hair


For years, many people, both clients and professionals, have asked me the question, “How do I select the right conditioner for my hair?” My answer is always that thereĀ is no way to do this without a proper hair analysis, which happens during the initial consultation. There are so many options out there and using the wrong one could really weigh your hair down or leave you static, dry, or even brittle hair.

hair 2

Three majors elements should always be considered: porosity, elasticity and density.

  1. Porosity is the ability to absorb moisture. Moisture is very important for chemically treated hair or natural hair that has a tendency to become dry. A proper balance of moisture is essential.
  2. Elasticity is the ability of the hair to stretch and return without breakage. Many times, this is absent after over-usage of chemicals, styling tools or exposure to elements, such as the sun, cotton, etc.
  3. The density is determined by how many hairs are in a square inch, meaning the thickness of your hair, which is determined at the scalp. The choice of the proper conditioner can provide the end results that most people are seeking.

The proper hair conditioner should always be purchased from hair care professionals to obtain the best results.