How Earrings Complement Your Hair


The right earrings with your hairstyle can create the perfect blend for  the finishing touches to your look. Both earrings and hairstyles impact how you look because they help direct where someone’s eyes are immediately drawn. Your hair and earrings must work together, not compete, going for a flawless look.

With short hair, facial features become much more prominent. You’ll want to choose earrings that complement your best features. There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to have the perfect balance between hairstyle and earrings.

When wearing an up-do or a pixie crop cut, the best earrings that will frame your face 307952-Pearlcrystal-2d04e40a-are dangles. Because your hair does not frame your facial features, you will need your earrings to do that. Dangles elongate your face but also draw the eyes upwards and towards your face.

For women with long tresses, the best earrings are simple clusters. Clusters are made up of a number of different stones and materials, making them the perfect fit. Long hair often becomes tangled in dangling earrings but something like a flower cluster creates the perfect blend.

As a general rule, if you have a long or oblong face, a pair of long earrings will accentuate this when your hair is worn up. Similarly, women with round faces will make their faces seem even rounder when they choose a large pair of hoops. This is generally true when wearing your hair up. However, women with short hair will find that this visual trick is even more noticeable. (Gallery 116) Earrings-For-Short-Hair

This is general information for someone seeking to create and define their own personal style. It is important to experiment as trends change but it’s also relevant to be comfortable with your new look.

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