The Eyelash Secret


Eyelashes function as a protector from debris. Much like a cat or mouse’s whiskers, lashes are sensitive to touch, thus providing a warning that an object, such as an insect or dust mite, is near the eye, which then closes reflexively.  (Wikipedia)


Eyelashes are the window treatment for beautiful eyes. Women often use false eyelashes made out of human or synthetic hair that are glued to the eyelash area. While thicker lashes are more noticeable, it is important to avoid overstating your look as opposed to a refined natural look.

Individual or Flared Lashes: Individual lashes are typically pre-packed as clusters. These individual hairs are then, one by one, adhered beside your natural eyelashes. One of the pros of going this route is the way the lashes blend in naturally. However, applying these lashes is a tedious chore. Usually when women want to have individual lashes attached, they go to the salon and have a highly skilled esthetician do the treatment for them. These treatments generally cost anywhere from $100 to $250.



Strip Fake Lashes: These types of lashes are the most common. they can be purchased in department and drug stores and packed as a strip. The strip is the part that is glued to the eyelash area. Many people feel that strip falsies are more artificial in appearance compared to individual lashes. However, it is also important to note that strip falsies are extremely affordable and are super easy to apply at home or during a photo session.

Adding lashes should be a safe procedure and within your budget. A consultation with a professional is always advisable as a precaution to enhancing this sensitive area. Please, contact me at for further inquiry.

The Pros & Cons of Make-Up

Regardless of age, make up is a staple for many females, whether for special occasions or daily use. Simply put, it is used to accentuate some features and to minimize others. Since the days of Cleopatra, make-up has served as an essential tool for the beautification of women. However, in order to find the perfect balance between healthy skin and good looks is always the challenge when using make-up. As young as thirteen, girls are obsessed with lip glosses, kohl, nail enamels and facial powders. Though at times, this beautiful obsession can be very costly on health and skin. Therefore, it is important to know the many benefits and risks of wearing make-up.25a063d812383b8102ab416f9de62b5d


  • Make-up gives the appearance of a smooth and balanced skin tone.
  • Makeup can provide a fresh look after a long day or night out.
  • Colorful makeup can improve a woman’s mood, as well as boost self-confidence while enhancing a woman’s natural beauty.
  • When using quality make-up products, it also protects the skin.
  • Makeup will help provide a new look when a change is needed.
  • Makeup helps women highlight their facial features that otherwise would not be as defined.


  • Because  make-up contains chemicals and other harmful ingredients, frequent usage can be unhealthy for the skin, especially when not properly removed.
  • Over-usage on a woman’s face gives her a false look.
  • Using outdated products can cause serious problems to the skin, like bacteria build-ups and infections.
  • A woman who wears make-up has to invest more time and consideration to preparing for her day.


In closing, the use of make-up has varied dimensions but above all, the health of the skin is vital. Women must be mindful of how improper use and over-exposure can affect the skin in the long-term. With the right products and proper removal, make-up can be used over time without negative results. For more information and/or a consultation, please contact me at