What’s Better, Natural or Relaxed Hair?

As I service clients, throughout the years, there has been the question as to whether natural or relaxed hair is better. The answer to that question will vary. In the natural hair community, business is booming. There is a lot of new information and products that are designed to capture that market like never before. With this movement, it supports the $9 billion dollar beauty industry.

natural 1

Natural hair, today, represents the diversity in various cultures that has played out in fashioning our hair. Some would say it’s healthier to rock your natural hair; however, that is not necessarily so. This debate could go on for some time, the pros and cons of wearing your hair natural or chemically relaxed. You choose.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Many people who claim to wear natural hair use some form of chemical hair color. Most people who wear locs, twists and braids have to apply a great deal of tension on the hair and scalp. This stresses the follicles, therefore, damaging the health of natural hair growth. Such tension, over time, creates and accelerates possible hair loss.
  • Some would argue that pressing the hair is better than using chemicals. I say, overexposing the hair to heat can lead to irreversible damage to naturally textured hair.
  • The cost of maintaining natural hair and the time it takes to maintain it often requires more time than thought was necessary.relaxed
  • Wearing chemically relaxed hair gives a smooth and silky texture to the hair, which could provide versatility. However, proper application gives you a desired control of the texture of your hair.
  • Chemical relaxers, when improperly applied, can cause damage to the hair, leaving it dry and brittle. You should not apply chemical relaxers on your own hair and expect to achieve healthy results.

The beauty in either option is when using these techniques of styling your hair, the challenge is finding the one that works best for you. Both come with advantages and disadvantages. You must discover which best accommodates you and your lifestyle.

One thought on “What’s Better, Natural or Relaxed Hair?

  1. lovetotsy says:

    Great read.

    This can be explored in so many ways. I’m pro natural but I’ve worn relaxers at different times. I’m most comfortable if it’s worn short, however.


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