How Earrings Complement Your Hair


The right earrings with your hairstyle can create the perfect blend for  the finishing touches to your look. Both earrings and hairstyles impact how you look because they help direct where someone’s eyes are immediately drawn. Your hair and earrings must work together, not compete, going for a flawless look.

With short hair, facial features become much more prominent. You’ll want to choose earrings that complement your best features. There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to have the perfect balance between hairstyle and earrings.

When wearing an up-do or a pixie crop cut, the best earrings that will frame your face 307952-Pearlcrystal-2d04e40a-are dangles. Because your hair does not frame your facial features, you will need your earrings to do that. Dangles elongate your face but also draw the eyes upwards and towards your face.

For women with long tresses, the best earrings are simple clusters. Clusters are made up of a number of different stones and materials, making them the perfect fit. Long hair often becomes tangled in dangling earrings but something like a flower cluster creates the perfect blend.

As a general rule, if you have a long or oblong face, a pair of long earrings will accentuate this when your hair is worn up. Similarly, women with round faces will make their faces seem even rounder when they choose a large pair of hoops. This is generally true when wearing your hair up. However, women with short hair will find that this visual trick is even more noticeable. (Gallery 116) Earrings-For-Short-Hair

This is general information for someone seeking to create and define their own personal style. It is important to experiment as trends change but it’s also relevant to be comfortable with your new look.

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The Eyelash Secret


Eyelashes function as a protector from debris. Much like a cat or mouse’s whiskers, lashes are sensitive to touch, thus providing a warning that an object, such as an insect or dust mite, is near the eye, which then closes reflexively.  (Wikipedia)


Eyelashes are the window treatment for beautiful eyes. Women often use false eyelashes made out of human or synthetic hair that are glued to the eyelash area. While thicker lashes are more noticeable, it is important to avoid overstating your look as opposed to a refined natural look.

Individual or Flared Lashes: Individual lashes are typically pre-packed as clusters. These individual hairs are then, one by one, adhered beside your natural eyelashes. One of the pros of going this route is the way the lashes blend in naturally. However, applying these lashes is a tedious chore. Usually when women want to have individual lashes attached, they go to the salon and have a highly skilled esthetician do the treatment for them. These treatments generally cost anywhere from $100 to $250.



Strip Fake Lashes: These types of lashes are the most common. they can be purchased in department and drug stores and packed as a strip. The strip is the part that is glued to the eyelash area. Many people feel that strip falsies are more artificial in appearance compared to individual lashes. However, it is also important to note that strip falsies are extremely affordable and are super easy to apply at home or during a photo session.

Adding lashes should be a safe procedure and within your budget. A consultation with a professional is always advisable as a precaution to enhancing this sensitive area. Please, contact me at for further inquiry.

The Pros & Cons of Make-Up

Regardless of age, make up is a staple for many females, whether for special occasions or daily use. Simply put, it is used to accentuate some features and to minimize others. Since the days of Cleopatra, make-up has served as an essential tool for the beautification of women. However, in order to find the perfect balance between healthy skin and good looks is always the challenge when using make-up. As young as thirteen, girls are obsessed with lip glosses, kohl, nail enamels and facial powders. Though at times, this beautiful obsession can be very costly on health and skin. Therefore, it is important to know the many benefits and risks of wearing make-up.25a063d812383b8102ab416f9de62b5d


  • Make-up gives the appearance of a smooth and balanced skin tone.
  • Makeup can provide a fresh look after a long day or night out.
  • Colorful makeup can improve a woman’s mood, as well as boost self-confidence while enhancing a woman’s natural beauty.
  • When using quality make-up products, it also protects the skin.
  • Makeup will help provide a new look when a change is needed.
  • Makeup helps women highlight their facial features that otherwise would not be as defined.


  • Because  make-up contains chemicals and other harmful ingredients, frequent usage can be unhealthy for the skin, especially when not properly removed.
  • Over-usage on a woman’s face gives her a false look.
  • Using outdated products can cause serious problems to the skin, like bacteria build-ups and infections.
  • A woman who wears make-up has to invest more time and consideration to preparing for her day.


In closing, the use of make-up has varied dimensions but above all, the health of the skin is vital. Women must be mindful of how improper use and over-exposure can affect the skin in the long-term. With the right products and proper removal, make-up can be used over time without negative results. For more information and/or a consultation, please contact me at

A Few Features & Benefits of Steam Treatments

It is often stated that what’s good for the skin is also good for the hair. Because steamers is a hydrator, this statement holds true and definitely has benefits. First, let’s understand that what cause hair and skin to become damaged is the absence or lack of moisture. In order to replenish moisture and improve the luster to the skin and scalp, steam treatments have proven beneficial.


First, let’s look at some of the features…There are hood dryers, color steam processors and heat lamps that aid the process. A less expensive method is using a hot towel. The latter is mostly used in a home setting and can offer the necessary hydration between salon visits.


The use of the steamer in the salon can greatly expedite processing time of hair color, which means that clients spend less time in the salon while also achieving a more accurate outcome. Using a steamer for hydration can also improve the ability of the hair to maintain elasticity, preventing dryness that could result in damage. Often, there is a build-up of debris on the hair and scalp that prevents a healthy and clean scalp. The use of a steamer removes waxy build-ups on both the hair and scalp, opening the follicles thus promoting healthy hair and growth.

During cooler months, steamer should be used to provide extra protection against the harshness of the weather. Steamers provide a balance of hydration in the presence of heat. In order to receive this service, a consultation is recommended from a licensed hair care professional. You may also contact me at


Winterizing Your Hair

Now that spring and summer are behind us, you must exercise special care for your hair in the coming  months of cold weather. Establishing a day and night routine for not only hat-and-scarfprotecting your style but the health of your hair as well. It essential to develop habits that will support and protect your hair especially during this time, as this is when breakage and dryness occur most. As the season change from fall to winter, there is less moisture in the air and frigid temperatures requires us to cover up. With that, certain materials you may use during this time, such as cottons and wools, when coming in contact with the hair, they absorb moisture and contribute to hair breakage.satin-pillowcase

Not protecting your hair when you sleep during the winter can result in brittle hair. If you’re not already diligent about using a satin or silky hair covering or sleeping on a satin/silky pillowcase, winter is a good time to start. Doing this minimizes styling time in the mornings. If your hair is relaxed or pressed, wrap it before applying your hair cover. Pin or wrap your hair in place prior to covering it at night. Ladies who sport natural hair can twist or braid their hair before covering; this enables the hair to maintain some moisture and simultaneously, prevents damage.satin-hair-cover

As well, indoor heating and freezing temperatures can sap moisture out of your hair.  It is common to cleanse your mane more frequently during warm weather. Regular exposure to water helps maintain moisture during the summer, but since many of us switch to a less shampoos during winter, retaining moisture into the hair becomes an issue.

Deep conditioning treatments maintain a good moisture and protein balance. Twice a month can greatly improve the condition and keep a healthy balance in cold weather.   Also, try adding steam treatments if it isn’t already a part of your routine. Sitting under a bonnet dryer with a low heat setting may result in a noticeable difference in your deep treatments.

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How Can Menopause Affect the Condition of Your Hair?

It is common knowledge that hot flashes and night sweats when women enter menopause. Though, you may not know that falling estrogen levels can also have a major affect on the health of your skin and hair. According to the North American Menopause Society, collagen loss begins early but is most rapid in the first few years of menopause, leading to dry thinning hair and sometimes flaky skin.


With maturity, and menopause affecting our lives, many times it’s necessary to change hairstyles because of hot flashes. Finding a style that is not affected when these flashes hit can sometimes be a challenge. Some of us will notice that once thick hair now becomes soft and finer. The look that was once easily maintained becomes an ongoing challenge as a result of sweat outbreaks, coupled with thinning hair.

During menopause, chemical treatments such as relaxers and hair coloring may require longer processing time due to lower estrogen levels and/or moisture to the hair. 1442006133-hair-dye

Hormone levels can affect the quality and the quantity of hair,” says Miami dermatologist Janice Lima-Maribona, MD. “The texture of hair is directly related by hormonal issues that relate to thyroid as well as estrogen and testosterone levels,” she explains and that’s why “hair can be brittle, lusterless and slow growing,” during certain times of your life.


While your hair texture might not change on a month-to-month basis due to hormonal fluctuations of your cycle, there are certain life events that can cause a dramatic difference. (

These affects can be minimized with slight dietary changes, exercise and an ongoing relationship with your haircare specialist. Please feel free to email ) or comment below.


Thermal Blowouts vs. Chemical Relaxer

straightWhen it comes to African Americans’ textures of hair, it ranges from wavy, loosely curled to a very tight coil or sometimes kinky. Although these textures create different looks, it provides many  clients with the question of what styling solutions are best for their hair texture.

In early years, thermal straightening and curling was the go-to method to control texture. Later, chemical relaxers were introduced which provided the option for hair to remain straight for a longer period of time.

When chemical relaxers are applied correctly, a professional concomb-brush_-hair-relaxer-applications-800x800siders a few things (1) consultation that considers the client’s lifestyle (2) affordability to maintain (3) correct processing time and (4) professionally prescribed shampoos and treatments.

Thermal blowouts is a term used today to describe straightening or removing curls and waves from uncontrolled hair. The term is new but the overall result mirrors the old fashioned press and curl. The thing that makes it appear different is the marketing, use of oils, as well as new and improved innovation of tools. Overuse of these new styling tools on a daily basis, and sometimes weekly basis, can result in what appears to be over-processed and severely damaged hair.


The technique of thermal blow drying is a trend that is a result of the times we live in, where having variations of styles, from wavy to straight, is a sign of contemporary American culture.

After polling hundreds of stylists throughout the beauty industry, both services are mainstays. What makes one better over the other is lifestyle and fashion. You decide. A consultation with a professional stylist is recommended when trying to decide the best option for you. Please, contact me if you have any questions.


Why Are Black Women Losing Their Hair?

African American girls in particular, as early as elementary school, are wearing alternative hair, tight braids and twists, again, that put undue stress on the hair and scalp. While this may serve as an enhancer and provide lifestyle convenience, it has been reported that by their early twenties, permanent hair loss is evident. This forces the use of wigs and weaves. Given the evidence above, this is certainly avoidable and, as a longtime professional in the industry, I strongly encourage caution and consult with a professional periodically when used with children. Please reference my previously written article on how synthetic fibers cause hair damage.


Alopecia is one of the hair losses that is, in most instances, irreversible. In some cases, one can minimize the damage of the condition. Lifestyle changes in diet and reducing particular stresses on the scalp, such as hair additions, medication and chemicals can be an aid in further damage. Though, family history must be taken into consideration when diagnosing this condition.



Alopecia Areata is baldness in spots about the size of a quarter that can manifest throughout the head. This type of hair loss is internal and happens when the immune system attacks hair follicles, which is  where the hair starts to grow. (   Fortunately, the condition is not permanent in 90% of cases.


Alopecia Areata

Any type of stress, such as divorce, nervousness, etc. has the ability to choke the blood supply and minimize nerve connection. As a result, the hair ceases to grow properly. The hair is ‘fed’ by blood vessels at the base of the follicle, which gives it the nourishment it needs to grow. ( Once relieved of the stress factors, the nerve endings and blood supply return to normal, thus producing a better surface to grow the hair. Black-Woman-Washing-Hair-1050x700

The catagen period is when the hair is in its regressive phase in which hair is released from underneath the scalp with a white round bulb, at the follicle. New hair will be replaced, however. This happens at least once a year, not to be mistaken with daily shedding, which is 75 to 85 strands of hair per day. This is normal. Keep in mind that hair grows daily. 

Chemical abuse manifests in several ways. Each of the following has an overall affect on whether the hair is produced or not…  

1. Prescription drugs have bee links to having an affect on hair growth. Prior to taking, have a discussion with your doctor. Cancer treatments, weight loss drugs and other medications can prevent hair growth and spark hair loss.

 2. Illegal drugs, as cocaine and heroine, research shows this can also damage hair.

Overall abuse, head-related injuries, and tension on the hair and scalp due to pulling excessively and continuous braiding, twisting and consistent use of wigs and hair weaving have long term effects. The immediate appearance can certainly enhance and improve one’s self-image but over time, can be connected to permanent hair loss. Unfortunately, there is little education for consumers when it comes to long-term use of these alternative hair additions. Hair weaves or additions were never meant to improve or enhance the natural growth process of your hair. They are only temporary styling aids. To further address any concerns, consult your local hair care professional. I am also available to address your health and beauty needs via replies to this article or email me at

What You Should Know About Kiddie Perms

Is there really a difference in kiddie and adult perms? This is a question posed outside of girl perm processthe industry. However, for those of us in the beauty industry, the answer is no secret.

Kiddie perms are essentially permanent relaxers that require continuous maintenance much like any other chemical service. Once the hair has received a so-called kiddie perm, the adult that applies it should assume responsibility for shampooing, conditioning and protecting the hair that is no longer virginal.

The misunderstanding about the words ‘kiddie perm’ takes on the connotation that it is different from what we know as an adult perm. The word itself is an abbreviation of ‘permanent,’ which indicates the hair will require additional products in order for it to feel and look healthy. Constant use of moisturizers with a blend of protein are necessary in order to maintain this balance of healthy hair.children hair perm

The term kiddie perm is a marketing term used to sway the consumer to feel as if the product does not have the ability to damage the hair. However, what consumers must understand is that once the product has been applied to the hair, it permanently changes the hair shaft.

girl with relaxed hairThe active ingredients in most permanent relaxers or so-called kiddie perms are some form of hydroxide. The most popular are sodium, calcium, guanidine and lithium hydroxides.  All of these share one common goal and that is to remove curls, in which bonds must be  permanently broken in order to achieve change in the hair texture. This procedure cannot be reversed with the use of any known product. That’s why it’s called permanent.

We must understand that packaging is a part of what sells the product. Therefore, what you see on store shelves branding a relaxer for children does not mean it’s safer or less damaging to the hair.

A-List salons do not use kiddie perms. They well understand that what’s seen on packaging is marketing and the product cannot guarantee safety and desired results.

When it comes to chemically altering children’s hair, you should consult a licensed professional. Discuss maintenance, frequency of salon visits and time needed to commit to maintaining a healthy mane. For questions, please contact me at

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What To Do About Unwanted Hair


There are many stigmas about hair that grows in undesirable places or excessive hair growth in areas that makes one feel unattractive and downright uncomfortable. For years, there has been ongoing conversations over how to contain this sometimes, embarrassing problem. This unwanted hair oftentimes appear on a woman’s face, creating a moustache, chin and neck hairs and constant growth of underarm and pubic hair.

There are various methods of removing this unwanted hair. In this article, we will discuss some of the safe and practical methods of ridding ourselves of this hair.

Hair removal is so popular in our culture today, there are salons that are totally devoted to this practice within the beauty industry. One of the most popular methods is waxing. This procedure requires precise and very delicate application of a waxy compound that was designed for this purpose. This procedure can keep unwanted hairs away, lasting from two to four weeks.

Once razors were the standard for removing unwanted hair. This works for some but for others, ingrown hair and stubbiness as the hair grows back can be a problem.

In some cultures, young girls at a very early age practice the ancient art of threading. This takes a highly skilled artisan with a devotion to the practice.

Another method is electrolysis, where unwanted hair is prevented from re-growing by precise applications of an electronic current for a more permanent solution.

All of these methods are great ways to remove unwanted hair but should be practiced by a skilled professional in the art of hair removal. For further information on this topic, please contact me at